About Me

My name is Jony.

I'm 31, married to Aimée and live in Northern Ireland with our 'rough around the edges' moggie who goes by the street name of Olive and two (yes, two) mad Sprokers.

I combine my love of capturing moments with the understanding that not everyone loves posing for photographs.  This allows me to offer a unique and unobtrusive photography style that documents your wedding day naturally without making you feel uncomfortable or awkward.  This allows you to enjoy your day as you were meant to, with your family, friends and most importantly each other. 

I love capturing moments.

To be able to freeze a specific moment in time, a moment that can mean the world to someone and give that moment back is why I pick up a camera and do what I do.  I want to transport you, through my photography, back to the very moments that made you laugh and cry so you can do it all over again.

I don’t like posing.

I have never been a fan of standing in front of a camera and being told to smile.  I instantly pull a face that can only be politely described as not a keeper!  I think the world is much better off without recording that moment for anyone to look back on!                     

Thank-you so much Jony for such stunning pictures. You captured all the perfect moments plus more. We couldn’t be more happy with how the pics turned out. Thanks again and all the best! xx
— Kristen

Get in touch.

If you would like me to document your wedding then all you have to do is say.  I would be happy to talk it over with you over a coffee or a beer or any other way that suits! All you have to do is click here and send me your details, or alternatively you can send me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you :)