The Giants Causeway

The Giants Causeway is one of the most spectacular spots on this planet.  Natural rocks that form hexagonal columns extending out into the Irish Sea.  This is the home of Finn McCool, an Irish giant that lived, worked and fought here many moons ago.

Panoramic shot of the Giants Causeway

On a recent trip back home, I managed to get a trip to the Giants Causeway, but not having my camera with me, I had to make do with my iPhone 4S.  If I was being totally honest I really enjoyed not having to lug my Nikon around with me in the dry, yet very windy conditions.  I was able to climb freely and battle the wind unhampered. I also like the challenge that presented itself in that I was only able to take photographs with the lens that the iPhone offered me.

Hexagonal Columns that jut out into the Irish Sea

On this trip I also had the opportunity to check out a new app that I bought a few days ago: AvgCamPro.  This app is designed to take multiple photographs (up to 128) of a scene and combine them into one long exposure photograph.  The photographs directly below are a result of my first attempts at landscape photography using this app.  I managed to find one of the very few spots around the Giants Causeway that would allow me to set up my iPhone so that it would not be knocked over by any of the other 100's of visitors or indeed the gale force winds that whirled around.  So, perched on a rubbish bin, I set the camera to take 32 shots after a 4 second countdown and then repeated this process with 64 shots. Immediately after the 64th photo was take in the second attempt, the camera was blown flat on its back by a huge gust of wind! The resultant images from this test can be seen below:

'Cow Bay 32' - 32 images combined into 1 long exposure

'Cow Bay 64' - 64 images combined into 1 long exposure

The rest of these images were taken using the native iPhone 4S camera app.  All of the photographs are available to buy on my Society6 page, all you have to do is click the name below the image.  

If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to contact me, or comment below.