Labrador Photography: Missy

 Meet Missy.  A beautiful black labrador dog with a mischievously large sparkle in her eye.  Missy and her pet called Brian came to visit this weekend and spent the majority of the day running laps of the garden and neighbouring fields with no more than three different kinds of ball to play with.  In between laps Missy liked to refresh herself, and most of the patio, with nice cold drinks of water from her bowl.

Brian adores Missy and doesn't mind showing his affection towards her in public, and Missy literally jumps at any opportunity of a quick smooch on the lips.  What Brian doesn't know however, is that Missy doesn't care who she kisses, she just loves to share the love around, as she has a lot to give!

We had a little informal photo shoot on Sunday afternoon as Brian and Missy were outside chilling in the good weather. Check out the shots below   .

A big thank you to Missy and Brian for their participation and patience during the shoot and another big thank you to Alison, Brian's other half, who we all know wears the trousers really ;)  

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