Baby Portrait - Daniel on the Big Red Sofa

It's amazing how quickly babies grow and develop their own little personalities in a matter of months on this earth.  My little nephew Daniel is no exception.  He is becoming quite the character these days as he begins to notice more and react to the world around him.  

These photos were taken this morning as Daniel enjoyed the wonders of the big red sofa.  The sofa resides on my parents porch and is enjoyed by all due to the fact that it is ginormous and very comfortable - I've tested it on many occasions ;)

Daniel watched on while he was entertained by my sister and mum, and I saw this as the perfect opportunity to take a couple of portrait photographs of the wee man for the album!  I think you will agree that he looks very comfy perched on the big red sofa, and very cute too.  If you would like to see more photos of Daniel the have a look at 'Baby Portrait - Daniel Robert Moore'.

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