Giro d'Italia in Northern Ireland

The Giro d'Italia swept through Northern Ireland for the first time ever this month and I must say it seemed to go down a treat!  

The Giro d'What? The Giro d'Italia which means 'Tour of Italy' began in 1909 and was organised by the La Gazetta dello Sport, an Italian newspaper, after noticing the success gained by L'Auto through the creation of the Tour de France.

The race, held annually in Italy generally has a stage or two in neighbouring countries to help promote the race and offer a challenge or two to the riders competing.

This year the first three stages of the Giro d'Italia were held in Northern Ireland and Ireland and the country has gone pink crazy as a result (the leader of the race wears the pink jersy)! I had the opportunity to watch part of Stage 2 of this world renowned race from the side of the road and it definitely was a sight to behold!

For an hour or so before the riders passed by there were hundreds of cars and motorcycles and team members racing ahead of the pack.  The cyclists followed suit and within about 30 seconds well over 200 cyclists literally 'wizzed' past!  

It was nice to see how involved the community were in this event, everyone form joe public through to volunteers and even the PSNI!  What was even better was the fact that not one person was complaining about the fact that everything was painted pink across the country, no protests, no marches, just good old fashioned fun and entertainment for everyone to sit back and enjoy.  Bellissimo!

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