The End of the Road - A Tree's Tale

It was 'Remove the Christmas Tree' day today, always a bitter sweet time of year in my mind. 

On the one hand it brings back very fond memories of going to pick out the tree, listening to Christmas music and the moment when the tree is finally completely decorated and the lights are switched on.  It also reminds me of the excitement of the lead up to Christmas, looking forward to some time off and spending it with friends and family. It is because of this mis-mash of happy memories that I find it a strange and solemn experience removing the tree.

On the other hand, removing the tree is kind of a way of starting afresh.  Out with the old and in with the new year.  A way of getting prepared to get stuck into the new year.  Heres hoping that this motivation continues well into 2016.

I am going to try and recycle my Christmas tree this year and use the wood to build something useful so that in a way, Christmas can live on in a new, and possibly improved format.  I am still trying to think of ideas of what to make so if you have any ideas then please share in the comments below. 

The images below were taken with my Fujifilm X-T1.